During the years of building the Spanish empire, the only mode of global exploration and transportation was the sailing ships.

The Spanish set out to explore and conquer new worlds to help build their empire.

Ship & Sailors Educational Program

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Fell the salt on your skin and the wind on your face as imagination take hold. We have built on the property a 70’ replica of a Spanish ship named the Corazon de Madre. These types of ships called caravels were very popular for exploration.

The “Corazon de Madre” will take students on an adventure of exploration on the high seas while never leaving land. Students will learn what life was like upon such a vessel - the hardships, talent and bravery the sailors needed to sail to uncharted lands with uncertain results.

While on the voyage, students will learn such things as knot tying, constellation identification, chart reading and plotting” and, of course, the rewards and hardships of life on the open seas.

An interactive, take-home project includes plotting a course from homeland Spain to the new world or draw your own “Compass Rose” on sail cloth. With the use of maps, compasses and instruction, the students learn routes and the use of sea currents.

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